Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Braxton Wore - Overalls

My little man is wearing a rare overall outfit today. They are few and far between since they are not daddy’s favorites


What Braxton Wore - Big Kahuna

I love this Gymboree romper from the Tropical Turtle lines. Since we use cloth diapers and he is still long and skinny rompers work really well on him.

What Braxton Wore – Little Preppy

This preppy little Old Navy outfit is simple and adorable. The waist of the shorts are a little big but the cloth diaper helps fill out the booty.IMG_1147.JPG

What Braxton Wore – Mixed Blues

It must have been daddy that dressed him today, I don’t know why else he would be wearing a long sleeve Old Navy bodysuit with a pair of Old Navy denim shorts.

old navy

Monday, October 10, 2011

October Challenge Day 10 - childhood memory

I loved this book when I read it in the 4th grade. This was actually the copy my mom saved and now my daughter is reading it!

Day 10 - childhood memory

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Challenge: Day 4: Something Green

Green in more ways than one! These are a few of our green gDiapers. They are a part of our cloth diaper stash.

Day 4: Something Green

Monday, October 3, 2011

October Challenge: Day 3: Clouds

This morning I woke up to an almost cloudless sky. I decided then my cloud photo would either be boring or a sunset shot.

Then I left to go pick up the kids from school. As I was driving the sky transformed and a storm moved in. Looking one direction the sky was still bright blue with fluffy white clouds. The opposite direction was grey skies. As I waited for the kids the clouds opened and rain started pouring. At one point the rain was pounding so hard I swore it was hailing. The rain lasted about 30 minutes then it was bright and sunny again. Only in Arizona do we have a 100 degree rainy day.
Day 3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Day 2: What you wore

I did take a few outfit photos with the self-timer, but I didn't like how they came out. I was just going to post one and be done, but then I saw that a few others had taken a creative spin on today's prompt. I liked that idea better, so I snapped this photo. This necklace is a family necklace designed by my late paternal grandmother. I love the story so I want to document it and share.

My grandma only had 3 boys. When the first of the boys got married she wanted a special way to welcome the new daughter-in-law to the family.  The design she came up with was a grapevine with a bunch of 6 grapes, one grape for each family member.  I guess I should mention our family lived in Napa, CA, the heart of wine country.  The engraving on the back always said "Welcome to the bunch."

This pendant design was used each time one of her son's got married, each time adding a grape to the bunch.  For example, my mother was the second so her necklace has 7 grapes.  One Christmas the daughter-in-laws even took the design and had one with just the 5 original grapes and Engraved "The original bunch" on the back.

My necklace was given to me on my 16th birthday.  I was the oldest of the 6 grandkids on that side of the family, and one of only 2 granddaughters.  As you can see my necklace has 2 bunches.  One bunch with the original 5 and a new bunch with 6 grapes. We are the "New bunch"

This necklace is very special and irreplaceable. The jeweler went out of business many years ago.  I only wear it on days that I feel like I need my grandma with me.  I had a memorial to attend this afternoon that I knew would be difficult.  Wearing the necklace helped give me some inner peace.
Day 2: What you wore

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Day 1: Self Portrait

I decided to snap my self portrait standing outside to get the best light. It was a little too bright though, hence the squinty eyes. You do get a little peak at the little man in the photo though. His Old Navy outfit is really adorable today if I do say so myself.
Day 1 - self portrait

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life - Day 1

Some of my favorite photos from Monday:

See the full set of photos here

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week In The Life

I will be following along with Ali this year to capture a week in our life.  I think I can do 1 week even though all my attempts at a Project 365 have failed.  Let's hope I can!  If you want more info go see Ali's information here.