Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Day 2: What you wore

I did take a few outfit photos with the self-timer, but I didn't like how they came out. I was just going to post one and be done, but then I saw that a few others had taken a creative spin on today's prompt. I liked that idea better, so I snapped this photo. This necklace is a family necklace designed by my late paternal grandmother. I love the story so I want to document it and share.

My grandma only had 3 boys. When the first of the boys got married she wanted a special way to welcome the new daughter-in-law to the family.  The design she came up with was a grapevine with a bunch of 6 grapes, one grape for each family member.  I guess I should mention our family lived in Napa, CA, the heart of wine country.  The engraving on the back always said "Welcome to the bunch."

This pendant design was used each time one of her son's got married, each time adding a grape to the bunch.  For example, my mother was the second so her necklace has 7 grapes.  One Christmas the daughter-in-laws even took the design and had one with just the 5 original grapes and Engraved "The original bunch" on the back.

My necklace was given to me on my 16th birthday.  I was the oldest of the 6 grandkids on that side of the family, and one of only 2 granddaughters.  As you can see my necklace has 2 bunches.  One bunch with the original 5 and a new bunch with 6 grapes. We are the "New bunch"

This necklace is very special and irreplaceable. The jeweler went out of business many years ago.  I only wear it on days that I feel like I need my grandma with me.  I had a memorial to attend this afternoon that I knew would be difficult.  Wearing the necklace helped give me some inner peace.
Day 2: What you wore


  1. what a beautiful necklace, and beautiful story! it's a great family heirloom :)

  2. That necklace is beautiful with such an amazing story. Your Grandmother sounds like an amazing lady :)

  3. thanks for sharing! What a great story and such a pretty piece!

  4. This is such a cool story! I was glad to find you linked to your blog from the Flickr pool - nice to "meet" you!