Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Politician

Dear Ellie,
This  month’s letter really snuck up on me.  There is so much I want to say to you, but this month I have to share this story.
You are in 4th grade, and considered an Upper Classman at school now.  The Upper Classman are eligible to run for Student Council. Each class votes and sends 3 student council representatives. To run you have to write and give an election speech.  You decided that you wanted to run and sat in your room writing your speech.  You even practiced giving your speech.  The next part is the best part of the story.
You tried to figure out how to afford buying brownies at school for all of your classmates so they would vote for you.  Instead I told you that you needed to come up with a slogan if you wanted to give treats to the class.  After looking online and on Pinterest, we came up with the idea: “Vote for Ellie. She is one smart cookie” and you took cookies to your class.
I am so proud to say that you came home Wednesday as one of your class representatives! You are excited that you get to attend Student Council meetings, help plan school activities and best of all … get a special Student Council shirt. 


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