Friday, January 31, 2014

Kids Were Here - The Dog Edition

I joined up with some other moms a few months ago for a new blog circle called "Kids Were Here" but this is my first actual post of the series. The idea is to document the evidence left behind to show the impact kids have on our homes and lives.

This month I decided to take a twist on this to show off our new dog/puppy Goldie
She is a Humane Society rescue and about 5-6 months old.  The paperwork said “Lab Retriever Mix”. I thought that she was just an underfed lab with her size. Once we had her home and we really got to watch her, I think she has more of a terrier in her mix, than lab or retriever. This is our first dog, and being that she is a rescue we are still adjusting to having her and she is still adjusting to being in a loving home. She seems to have a touch of puppy boredom combined with separation anxiety. She has been making her mark on the house, quiet literally. 20140128-IMG_098220140128-IMG_101520140128-IMG_1017

My dog is also apparently a master escape artist. When we first brought her home we had a kennel inside. The first day she was home alone she managed to squeeze out a not fully locked gate. Then the next time she managed to jump out of the kennel (it had an open top). We stopped trying to barricade her after that but she is destructo puppy. So we decided she would need to be outside when we are gone and she can't come with us.  She dug under the fence the first time we left her outside. So we fixed the hole and blockaded the area. Well she used the blockaded as leverage to jump OVER the fence last night while we were at the grocery store. We removed the item that was used as a step and thought we would be good for the morning. NOPE! She dug under the OTHER fence (that was hard packed dirt not just loose gravel like the first side)
So now we will be crate training her.  Anyone else have a learning curve with a new dog?

Please continue on to the blog circle, up next in the circle is Kim Schory


  1. Hang in there! We adopted a 2 year old Husky and our 4 year old Eskie did not like her. It took a good 2 months, and now all is well. I promise you, the love you see in that dogs eyes in the months to come will make it all worth it. And my Eskie breeder told me that there are two things dogs do when you are not home... sleep and get into trouble. And they can sleep in their crates. :)