Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday

Dear Braxton

We just celebrated your 2nd birthday in June. I knew that time would fly by and that your days of being a baby would be fleeting.  I thought for sure that with you I would take better photos, and document more.  Reality is that with three children I have even less time to do all those things.  I am excited to start writing these letters to you once a month.

You are becoming a “big boy” more and more each day. Your vocabulary is starting to explode. Everyday you say a new word or phrase.  In between the words we do understand you use lots of gibberish that we can not decipher, but you seem to know what you are saying. We have been calling you a parrot and a “monkey see monkey do.”  That is one reason why we decided on having a money themed birthday party for you.  We celebrated your birthday at the local water park, because your other favorite thing to do is play in water.  All day at the office you are in the back playing with your new water table and the hose.

You had your first real trips to the beach this summer.  For Father’s Day we went to Belmont Park in San Diego and Daddy took you out onto Mission Beach.


Then in July we joined your grandparents and your cousins at the beach house in Oxnard for a end of summer vacation.  The water was very cold so you didn’t really go in the water, You did enjoy playing in the sand with the shovels.

20130725-IMG_5733 20130725-IMG_576920130725-IMG_5749   20130725-IMG_5753

You love your big brother and sister and missed them while they were gone this summer.  Since they have been home you enjoy following them around and playing. Your favorite game to play with them is throwing balls – footballs, baseballs, bouncy balls – it really doesn’t make a difference.

20130725-IMG_5856 20130725-IMG_5860 20130725-IMG_5892

The last change this summer has been moving from your crib in our room, to a toddler bed in the room with your big brother.  Most nights it seems to work, but other nights you have a hard time settling down and staying asleep. I think part of it the teeth coming in.  As soon as these last 4 teeth come in I pray it is a while before more try to break through.




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  1. I love the monkey theme! Such a fun age, isn't it?

  2. Such sweet photos... he's adorable!

  3. Awww! I remember the "parrot" days with my two! So cute. I hope you are doing some video or voice recordings of it. He will enjoy looking back and listening to those when he's older for sure! Looks like a super fun birthday party, too! Love the cake. Can't wait to read next month's letter!

  4. So sweet! He's adorable! I hope his teething settles out soon!!!

  5. so beautiful! love your letter, I feel like mine were just two yesterday, time goes by so fast!