Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 1st

Every year it seems like the Holidays fly by before I can even catch my breath. Between work, church, and school activities every day on the calendar is already filled up. I try to take pictures thru the busy rush each year but I am not getting the photos scrapped or the memories recorded. In November I participated in an online course called "Stories in Hand" and that in combination with a group of scrappers doing a December Daily album inspired me to record our 2008 Christmas. I will be using this blog to write about our day and share the page that I create for my altered Bracket Album (I combined 3 Basic Grey Albums into one to have enough pages). It is actually now the afternoon of the 2nd as I write and I am at the office so I do not have my page created or even photos uploaded to show. But I can write about our day so here is goes.

December 1st 2008

The plan was to decorate the tree tonight after school, swimming and dinner. But my best laid plans sort of fell apart. Dinner was Papa John's ordered online since nothing was defrosted and then Bill didn't get off work till close to 7pm. When he got to the house the kids were excited and ready to decorate. We brought in the lights and ornaments and then Bill struggled to light the tree for the next hour or so. At the end of the night I decided I didn't like the lights, and that we needed to buy new ones. So, the tree still remains bare with ornaments piled in the box ready to go on and children anxiously waiting. It will get done, it is only the 1st, there isn't really a rush. At least the tree has been purchased and is in the stand.


  1. That's okay, my tree isn't decorated either, but is up and in place too. You know me...it takes me a week to complete, but worth all the time.