Friday, December 19, 2008

A Recap - Part 2

Monday (the 15th) the first day of what will be a VERY busy week. I have rehearsals Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday ... with performances Thursday, Friday & Saturday. This is also my last week with Anthony & Ellie before they head over to see their Dad for Christmas. I had grand plans in my head for how *I* wanted the week to go. Of course my best laid plans don't always happen.

Our friend Lina at church offered to watch Anthony & Ellie Monday & Tuesday night for me. What a big help that was since they live so close to the church. Ellie was even able to help celebrate Cassidy's birthday! Each night I picked them up they were both very tired from playing.

Tuesday afternoon Anthony got to have his "Grandma Day" She picked him up from YMCA and they went shopping. He picked out a gift for Ellie & for me. It is a tradition that Grandma has done with the kids since 2005 and they really look forward to the time shopping with her.

Ellie got to have her "Grandma Day" on Wednesday instead of going to dance class. They still stopped by to give her teacher a gift, then they went shopping so Ellie could get Anthony & I gifts. That night was church again. I dropped the kids off then went to get ready for the last Dress Rehearsal. Rehearsal went well, but late, so yet again we went straight home tired & ready for bed.

Thursday morning I got a call from Mom. She suggested I just bring the kids out to her house so they could have a Grandma Day together instead of going to school. The kids loved that idea. Grandma had a Gingerbread house for them to decorate and they both got to help wrap the gifts they had bought. They also decorated the Giant Gingerbread cookies that I had bought for them. Grandma kept them the whole day, then brought the kids and Grandpa out to the church to watch my opening night performance. It was great having them all in the audience, in the front row in fact!

That night I stayed up late to make Ellie's class & teacher's gifts. It was a long night & I ran out of ink, but they came out cute. I dropped Ellie off at school, then took Anthony to Grandma's. The plan was to meet back at the school for Ellie's class party, but their had been a change at the school and the party wasn't gonna start at 9:30. Ellie's teacher made her the goodie bag to take and we headed to Grandma's house to get ready for the kids to leave. I spent about 45 min with them and then had to say my goodbyes.


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