Friday, December 19, 2008

A Recap - part 1

The last 2 weeks have been CRAZY. Crazy good & Crazy bad.

I last left off after Anthony's school performance at school & their visit with Santa. I did find out what Anthony asked Santa for .... he wants a DS. Now Ellie wants one too. GREAT!

Anyway ... Wednesday night (the 10th) was our regular Church night. Anthony made a cute little felt ornament.

Thursday (the 11th) Anthony and I worked together to put together little gift bags for his classmates. Thank goodness I was able to call Justine to get me a head count, otherwise we would have been short. (Thanks Tine!!) The goodies bags had a pencil, an eraser and some candy. Anthony also colored an ornament for Mrs. Franz while I made her a custom cover for a yearly planner that I bought.

Friday (the 12th) was the party at school. I was able to take my lunch and go down to the school and help out. Boy do the kids get a lot of sugar at these parties LOL. Friday night was the Light Parade downtown. Since the office is so close to the parade route we had planned ahead to park at the shop and walk across the street to find seats. When we arrived we were surprised to find the float holding Santa in our parking lot!! The kids thought it was SO neat to see him up close before the parade. We got some great pictures of the kids talking to him. Anthony asked for a DS yet again.

The kids were interested in the parade for about the first half. After they got a glow necklace they lost focus and started playing. There were a lot more people participating than in previous years. It was a great night. We didn't head down to Main Street with the parade, but we heard from Justine & Jul that there actually was lots to do downtown. Next year we will have to go.

Saturday morning .... well, Saturday morning started with an unexpected phone call from my mom. Dad had fallen into the pool & they thought that he broke his ankle. A trip to the Urgent Care & 3 hours later that was confirmed. The Urgent Care doctor said he broke both of the bones, the tibia & the fibula. The break on the fibula is a clean break, but the doctor says that the break on the tibia will need surgery to set w/ pins. They put a temp cast/splint on it for now till he can get into his Ortho. The ankle is one the same leg that had a knee replaced in 2004 so they checked that as well, but everything was fine. He will go back to his knee doctor to fix his ankle. It definitely changed A LOT of the weekend plans. We did still have the company dinner that evening, even with Dad on crutches & pain meds. I had planned for us to look at Christmas Lights after dinner, but we went straight home instead.

Sunday morning was church as normal, and then over to Grandma's house for her to finish my costume for the musical. We ended up going home to rest before practice that night. I really wanted to fall asleep but I was afraid that if I did I wouldn't wake up in time. Instead I decided to practice my make-up. When I walked in to rehearsal with my hair & makeup done, everyone had to do a double take. I don't look like myself at all. Rehearsal went well ... it just ran late, so we didn't go look at Christmas Lights AGAIN. Ack!


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